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Topcon FALCON 8+

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Designed for Stability, Proven to Perform

When you need precise high-resolution imaging in tight spaces and challenging environments, Intel® Falcon™ 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition is the one for you.

This rotary-wing UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) features first-in-class sensors, active vibration damping, and compensating camera mounts for solid performance. Perfect for capturing all perspectives, oblique as well as nadir, while providing flexibility for immediate takeoff and soft landing. Meticulously designed and built in Germany, the Intel Falcon 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition is known for precision and reliability.


  • High definition imaging, thermal and RGB stills
  • Maximum safety with triple redundancy
  • Fully automated flight routes in 2D & 3D
  • Easy to deploy and operate
  • Precise structure analysis and quick damage detection
  • Fast data collection
  • Low noise and emissions
  • Enhanced efficiency: faster takeoff, rising, flying, descending, and controlled landing
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  • General

    • Type: V-Form Octocopter
    • Size (w x l x h): 768 x 817 x 160 mm
    • Engines: 8 electrical, brushless (sensorless) motors with 125 W max. power each
    • Rotor diameter: 20.32 cm (8 in.)
    • Number of rotors: 8
    • Rotor weight: 6 g
    • Empty weight: 1.2 kg
    • Max. payload weight (camera and gimbal): 0.8 kg
    • Max. take off weight: 2.8 kg
    • Max. flight time without payload: 26 min
    • Max. flight time with max. payload weight: 16 min
    • Max. flight time with A7R: 16 min
    • Max. flight time with inspection payload ZS50: 18 min
    • Max. range data link: 1 km (FCC version) (3,281 feet) 850 m (CE version) (2,788 feet)
    • Max. service ceiling: 4,000 m MSL (13,123 feet)
    • Max. altitude above ground level: Varies by country in which you operate the UAV and requires you to check the regulations that apply for your country of operation.
    • Max. range video link: 500 m (FCC and CE version) (1,640 feet)
    • Max. tolerable wind speed: 12 m/s (26 mph) (GPS Mode) 16 m/s (35 mph) (Height Mode, Manual Mode)
    • Max. precipitation: Not recommended to operate in any form of precipitation
    • Operating temperature: -5°C to 45°C
    • Short term storage temperature: -5°C to 40°C
    • Long term storage temperature: -5°C to 25°C
    • Power supply: 2 x Intel Powerpack 4000

    Navigation Sensors

    • AscTec Trinity Control Unit: Triple redundant Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU: barometer, compass, accelerometers, gyroscopes)
    • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS): GPS and GLONASS

    Max. Airspeed

    • Manual Mode: 18 m/s
    • Height Mode: 18 m/s
    • GPS Mode: 4.5 m/s standard up to 10 m/s in mapping flights
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  • Intel Falcon 8+ Drone



    The Intel Falcon 8+ System sets a new standard for commercial-grade drones. It is stable and rugged enough to work in high winds, is designed with resistance to magnetic field disturbances for accurate data capture, and features electronic system redundancy, including autopilot and battery redundancies. The system also provides detailed images down to millimeter resolution.