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Faro CAM2 Software

Faro CAM2 Software

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Integrated Measurement Solutions, Intuitive Workflows and Actionable Data

Faro CAM2 Software is a powerful, intuitive and application focused 3D measurement platform, designed to enable users to efficiently fulfill their quality assurance and inspection tasks.

CAM2 delivers the perfect alignment with your Faro hardware to gather measurement data anywhere in your manufacturing environment. It provides a seamless and easy measurement experience for all users, without the need for extensive training or expertise, along with accurate and comprehensive insight into your measurement results.

CAM2 has been developed to streamline industrial metrology applications such as dimensional controls, incoming and first article inspections, part-to-CAD comparisons, assemblies and repeat part measurements.

CAM2 not only allows you to improve and increase the efficiency of your measurement routines; it also provides an effective and smooth correlation between metrology (quality assurance) and production operations, offering a powerful tool to fully control and optimize your manufacturing processes.

Software Versions

CAM2 – Full

A comprehensive version that provides full support to all Faro hardware devices and applications. Includes the complete capabilities of the Probing version and is particularly well-suited for non-contact 3D measurement applications when point cloud data may be required.

CAM2 – Probing

Ideally-suited for all contact measurement applications when point cloud data is not required.

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  •   Probing Full
    Capabilities Comparison
    Operate with contact devices X X
    Operate with non-contact devices   X
    Device Relocation X X
    CAD Import X X
    Constructions and Dimensions X X
    Coordinate Systems X X
    Alignments X X
    GD&T X X
    Point Cloud Editing   X
    Point Cloud Analysis   X
    Report generation X X
    Repeat Part Measurement (RPM) X X
    Hardware Support
    FaroArm X X
    FARO Laser Line Probe   X
    FARO Laser Tracker X X
    FARO Super 6DoF TrackArm X X

    RPM (Repeat Part Management)

    • CAM2 allows you to quickly and easily set-up repeatable measurement inspection programs that can be uploaded to the RPM Control Server and then executed in the RPM Control Station by multiple users anywhere across your factory floor.
    • This innovative technology helps ensure consistency in your inspections, regardless of who conducts them, and makes it easier to perform inline inspections.

    RPM Control Center

    • RPM Control Center offers a solution to the increasing needs for SPC (Statistical Process Control) with real-time information through active monitoring from a web-based dashboard that delivers actionable manufacturing insights.
    • The trend analysis capability helps companies improve processes by providing them with fault analysis, predicting when and why components may drift out of specification.
    • RPM Control Center also provides organizations with an at-a-glance perspective of their inspection and quality routines, identifying areas within their production environment that may need attention.

    Built-In Universal CAD Import

    • CAM2 can directly import all major CAD file formats at no additional cost.
    • This delivers confidence knowing that any file from any proprietary source can be read directly into CAM2.
    • In addition, the ability to directly load the native CAD file also improves the fidelity of the resulting CAD that is used in CAM2 as it eliminates a common double translation to and from open CAD formats.

    Metrology-Grade Meshing

    • CAM2 mesh generation capabilities produce visually-appealing and metrology-grade STL files that can be trusted when measuring to a golden part.

    Scanning Profiles

    • With CAM2’s Scanning Profiles, any operator can easily select the appropriate scanning settings for their specific part type with the click of a button, streamlining the overall measurement experience.

    Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

    • Simplified analysis and visual reporting allows the results from a part inspection to be displayed just like a print to easily interpret part quality.
    • This overall perspective eliminates the need to look at each feature sequentially to make the same determination.

    Simultaneous Measurement Capabilities

    • Users can easily connect several measurement devices to one running instance of CAM2.
    • This scalability reduces inspection time by parallelizing the data capture on large components.

    Live Deviation Color Scan

    • Users can quickly check the quality of parts during the scanning process rather than as a post process.
    • CAM2 provides immediate feedback with different colors showing deviations of your scan data from your CAD model as you are scanning, allowing live identification of potential issues.

    Align-My-Part Wizard

    • The Align-My-Part Wizard simplifies CAD-to-Part alignment.
    • With a single button click, the user is guided through the process of defining an alignment using 3 datums or 6 or more surface points.

    Remote Measurement

    • With the CAM2 Remote Apple App, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users can communicate with their CAM2 via WLAN and thus conduct remote measurements: run commands, change scanning modes, take positions, and see results in real-time.
    • It also supports multiple operators and QuickTools.

    Additional Capabilities


    • Import/export points to a text file
    • Export measurement results to CAD
    • Export CAD as XGL


    • Seamless connection to FARO hardware
    • Direct measurement mode
    • Automatic projection plane mode
    • QuickTools programming module
    • Tube measurement
    • Easily align to part
    • Live feedback during measurement
    • Guided geometry measurement
    • Repeated part measurement


    • Record steps for a part program (online/offline)
    • Play steps in a measurement program
    • Integrated programming module


    • Iterative
    • 3.2.1
    • Six-point surface
    • RPS
    • Constrained iterative


    • Pick features from CAD (single click)
    • Create nominal features by entering values


    • Versatile export formats
    • Report with images and in different CS
    • Export to HTML, text, Microsoft Excel, PDF
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  • FARO CAM2 2018 - Alignment to CAD - English



    Aligning measured features to CAD features, or nominals, is a necessary first step in your virtual project. This video steps you through the different alignment methods in CAM2 2018.