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Faro Tracer Laser Projectors

Faro Tracer Laser Projectors

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Eliminate Physical Templates with Virtual Templating, Layout & Verification Solutions

The Faro TracerSI Imaging Laser Projector and Faro TracerM Laser Projector accurately project a laser outline onto a 3D surface or object. The Tracer provides a virtual template which operators and assemblers can use to quickly and accurately sequence work and position components.

In addition to virtual templating, layout, and positioning, the TracerSI is the first-of-its-kind advanced Imaging Laser Projector system, featuring high-resolution image scanning capabilities throughout its entire projection volume.

The TracerSI high-resolution imaging system enables In-Process Verification (IPV), Foreign Object Debris checks, and targetless, Feature-Based Alignment.

With Faro’s advanced TracerSI platform, users can now project and inspect with a single, all-in-one system. The TracerSI is a powerful and extremely cost-effective production tool.

Laser templates are created using 3D CAD models, enabling the system to visually project laser outlines of parts, which creates virtual and collaborative templates to streamline a wide range of assembly and production applications.

CAD-based virtual templating eliminates the need for physical templates and hard tooling. The risk of human error and costly rework/scrap during assembly is significantly reduced. Manufacturers can avoid the time and expense associated with using large, heavy templates while significantly improving quality control processes. An easy-to-use operator interface via powerful Faro BuildIT Projector Software minimizes both the time and skill required for operation.

Intended for large-scale applications, Faro Tracer Laser Projectors offer accurate, variable and long-range 3D projection distances of 6 to 50 feet, with a projection envelope of up to 50 x 50 feet.

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  • Refer to the table below to choose the Tracer model that is best suited for your requirements.

    Comparison of TracerSI and TracerM TracerSI TracerM
    3D CAD-Based Virtual Templating ✔  ✔ 
    Projection Accuracy at 4.6 m (15 ft) 0.010 in 0.010 in
    Projection Range 6 to 50 ft 6 to 50 ft
    Advanced Trajectory Control (ATC) ✔ ✔
    Targeted (Retroreflector) Alignment ✔ ✔
    Advanced Laser Imaging ✔  
    Feature-Based (Targetless) Alignment ✔  
    In-Process Verification (IPV) ✔  
    Foreign Object & Debris (FOD) Detection ✔  

    Faro Laser Projector Features

    The TracerSI and TracerM allow factory operators to minimize costly non-conformances by implementing a simple, reliable, and cost-effective solution to streamline production processes. The ability to guide an assembly process sequence, along with accurately locating and orienting components, increases manufacturing efficiencies.

    In-Process Verification(IPV)

    IPV, a Faro-exclusive feature on the TracerSI, offers valuable quality-assurance checkpoints during and after critical assembly processes.

    Enabled by BuildIT Projector, IPV can be used at any step of assembly or construction and/or at the completion of the process. IPV can be performed against either CAD data or a “golden scan file”. The TracerSI scans the surface and detects errors in real time. The process verifies the presence or absence of features and the positioning of objects.

    Users significantly improve productivity and quality by proactively identifying non-conformances, thereby enabling real-time corrective measures and ultimately eliminating costly scrap and rework.

    Feature-Based Alignment

    Advanced Trajectory Control (ATC)

    Proprietary Faro technology provides fast projection with superior dynamic accuracy and a rapid refresh rate, which minimizes flicker.

    Accurate, Variable and Long-Range Projection

    Variable focus allows multi-range projection from 1.8 to 15.2 meters (6 to 50 feet).

    Multi-Projector Array Operation

    For large assemblies and/or in space-constrained areas, multiple Tracers projectors can be controlled from a single workstation to provide large-scale virtual templates in one coordinate system. 

    Rugged, Reliable Solution

    Tracer Projectors are a proven production floor technology in a dust-sealed industrial enclosure with active thermal management and backed by worldwide support from regional FARO locations.

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    See how the Faro Tracer M Laser Projector can benefit you. The Tracer M Laser Projector accurately projects a laser onto a surface or object, providing a virtual template which operators and assemblers use to quickly and accurately position components with absolute confidence.