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Faro FocusS 150 Plus

Faro FocusS 150 Plus

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The ultra-portable FocusS 150 plus enables fast, straightforward and ultra-high accurate measurements of objects and buildings.

It records architectural façades, complex structures, production and supply facilities, accident sites, and large-volume components delivering realistic and true-to-detail scan results with a range of 150m per scan.


  • Distance accuracy up to ±1mm
  • Range from 0.6m up to 150m
  • IP Class 54
  • On-Site Compensation
  • Accessory Bay
  • HD photo overlay up to 165 megapixel color
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  • Technical Specifications
  • Video
  • Ranging unit

    • Unambiguity interval 1: 614m for 122 to 488 kpts/s
    • Unambiguity interval 2: 307m for 976 kpts/s
    • Measurement speed (pts/sec): 122,000 / 244,000 / 488,000 / 976,000
    • Ranging error: ±1mm
    • Angular accuracy: 19 arcsec for vertical/horizontal angles
    • 3D position accuracy: 10m: 2mm / 25m: 3.5mm

    Color unit

    • Resolution: Up to 165 megapixel color
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR): Exposure Bracketing 2x, 3x, 5x
    • Parallax: Minimized due to co-axial design

    Deflection unit

    • Field of view (vertical 7 /horizontal): 300° / 360°
    • Step size (vertical/horizontal) 1: 0.009° (40,960 3D-Pixel on 360°) /
    • Step size (vertical/horizontal) 2: 0.009° (40,960 3D-Pixel on 360°)
    • Max. vertical scan speed: 97Hz

    Laser (optical transmitter)

    • Laser class: Laser class 1
    • Wavelength: 1550nm
    • Beam divergence: 0.3mrad (1/e)
    • Beam diameter at exit: 2.12mm (1/e)

    Data handling and control

    • Data storage: SD, SDHC™, SDXC™; 32GB card
    • Scanner control 1: Via touchscreen display & WLAN connection.
    • Scanner control 2: Accsess by mobile devices with HTML5

    Interface Connection

    • WLAN 1: 802.11n (150Mbit/s), as Access Point
    • WLAN 2: or client in existing networks

    Integrated Sensors

    • Dual axis compensator 1: Performs a leveling of each scan 0.015° with
    • Dual axis compensator 2: an accuracy of 19 arcsec valid within ±2°
    • Height sensor 1: Via an electronic barometer the height relative
    • Height sensor 2: to a fixed point can be detected & added to a scan.
    • Compass: The electronic compass gives scan an orientation.
    • GNSS: Integrated GPS & GLONASS

    On-site Compensation

    • On-site Compensation 1: Creates a current quality report & provides the option
    • On-site Compensation 2: to improve the devices compensation automatically.

    Accessory Bay

    • Accessory Bay 1: The accessory bay is located on top of the laser scanner
    • Accessory Bay 2: & is used to connect versatile accessories to the scanner.
  • Product Downloads Section

  • FARO Focus S Plus - New laser scanner with EXTRA SPEED



    As of beginning of the year, FARO offers a new version of its well-established laser scanner Focus. FARO had revolutionized the laser scanner market in 2011 with the launch of the Focus series and is considered the pioneer of small, lightweight and precise laser scanners. For many years, the FARO Focus was by far the most sold laser scanner in its class in the market.

    In recent years, other manufacturers, such as Leica and Trimble, have launched competitive products. In particular, Leica was the first manufacturer whose RTC360 laser scanners allows to measure up to 2 million points.

    FARO is now retaliating with the new FARO Focus S Plus scanner, which also allows scanning at a maximum speed of 2 million measurement points per second. The scanners use different measurement methods. The high measuring speeds do not only cause more speed but also physical problems in the data analysis. It goes to the limit.

    This video explains what is possible with the EXTRA SPEED of the new FARO Focus S Plus.