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Faro As-Built Software

Faro As-Built Software

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The Efficient Way of Modeling Reality Capture Data

FARO As-Built Software solutions guarantee the most direct workflow from any captured reality data, such as laser scanners, into usable CAD and BIM models. Unlike multivendor offerings in the market, FARO’s As-Built solution offers an easy to use, seamless integrated and fast path to as-built CAD and BIM models by dramatically reducing the time for model extraction, minimizing the amount of rework and by increasing the quality of deliverables.

As-Built Modeler Software Family

The FARO As-Built Software delivers powerful industry specific functionality for easy, precise, seamless and efficient evaluation of reality capture data to proven and closed CAD and BIM models. All As-Built solutions support common data formats and are capable of delivering parametric 2D plans and 3D models in every industry of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC). Additionally, two As-Built Modeler plugins for AutoCAD Software and Autodesk Revit are available. Both plugins integrate seamlessly into the Revit and AutoCAD program interfaces and extend their functionality in such a way that 3D data and point clouds can be directly evaluated. The As-Built Suite bundles the As-Built Modeler with both As-Built plugins at a very reasonable price. It is the perfect solution for all users who have to evaluate 3D data for many different applications and for customers from different AEC industries.

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  • Faro As-Built Modeler: Most Direct Path from Reality into any Design System

    • The As-Built Modeler software makes 3D scan data accessible for all CAD programs, even if they do not support point clouds by streaming building information, such as coordinates, distances and other CAD and BIM geometry, directly into these design systems.
    • 3D point cloud data independent of their source (photogrammetry, stationary and mobile laser scanner, drones) and size can be modeled into closed and proven CAD models to be exported in many CAD formats.

    Faro As-Built for Autocad Software: Versatile Reality-to-CAD Solutions

    • Whether modeling infrastructure design, 2D building plans, industrial and MEP facilities, excavations or calculating orthophotos from point cloud data, the FARO As-Built Modeler Software together with the additional plugin for AutoCAD Software performs the job.
    • Equipped with a comprehensive set of easy to handle features it extends the native AutoCAD point cloud functionality with versatile and useful tools for point cloud processing.
    • FARO As-Built for AutoCAD Software enables the flexible and efficient modeling and documentation of building elements and inventory, piping systems and steel construction, terrain and civil engineering projects such as tunnels, bridges or highways.
    • Next to its pure point cloud functionality the software offers photogrammetic functionality.
    • High definition, oriented photos (originally taken from digital cameras) support the processing of the laser scanner data and allow the fast construction of 3D wireframe models and surfaces.
    • A compatible interface for total stations enables the range of functions and generates the staking out of points from design into reality.

    Faro As-Built for Autodesk Revit: Creating Efficiencies in Scan Data Extraction for BIM

    • Wherever users need to evaluate 3D data to BIM models, the FARO As-Built Modeler with its additional Revit plugin is the right choice.
    • FARO As-Built for Autodesk Revit is designed for architects, engineers and general contractors who need to analyze 3D laser scan data quickly and precisely directly inside Autodesk Revit.
    • With customized functions for BIM model creation, alignment, editing and analysis, users are able to comply with the complete workflow around the building lifecycle.
    • Efficiently model ground surfaces, walls, doors and windows, columns, beams and pillars, roofs or even pipe runs.

    As-Built Suite: All-in-One Solution for Reality Data Evaluation

    • The As-Built Suite is a product bundle of FARO’s As-Built Modeler and its plugins FARO As-Built for AutoCAD and FARO As-Built for Autodesk Revit.
    • The Suite provides a complete set of powerful, generic and industry specific point cloud processing tools under one licence.
    • AEC professionals, such as service providers, can utilize the As-Built Suite to perform intelligent feature extraction for CAD design and Scan-to-BIM, creating deliverables within all CAD and BIM systems.
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  • FARO As-Built for AutoCAD Software



    As-Built for AutoCAD Software offers all the functionality that AEC professionals need to evaluate 3D laser scanner data directly in AutoCAD with the highest precision. This software extends AutoCAD tooling for point cloud modeling and analysis, photogrammetry processing, total station control and data evaluation captured from a variety of mobile mapping systems and handheld laser scanners. A high level of automation efficiently creates 2D plans and 3D models for BIM purposes.