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Powermoon Quadro

Powermoon Quadro

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4x 1000 Watt HQI - Metal Halid Lamp

  • Construction lighting for (road construction, rail construction, excavation and underground engineering, pit- and tunnel construction).
  • Sortie-lighting for (fire departmens, rescue and salvage institutions, police, military, tent illumination, camp illumination).
  • Illumination of wide areas (sport and event areas, parking lots).

Recommendation for Mobile Power Generator:

  • Inverter System: min. 5 kVA
  • Standard Generator: min. 10 kVA
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  • Powermoon Quadro Specifications

    • Power: 4 x 1000W = 4000W
    • Voltage: 230V / 50
    • Current: 2 x 8,7A
    • Electrical Protecion Class: IP44
    • Cord length: 10m + 3m
    • Weight: 22kg
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