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Powermoon Twinlight

Powermoon Twinlight

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2x 1000 Watt HQI - Metal Halide Lamp

220.000 Lumen

Illuminates area of about 45.000sqft

Sets Up In 150 seconds


Unit ideal for lighting very big areas. Best use on tripods, portable poles, permanently installed poles or hanging.

Construction Lighting:

Road Construction, Rail construction, Excavation, Underground Engineering, Pit- and Tunnel Construction.

Sortie-Lighting For:

Fire/Rescue, Disaster Response, Police, Military.

Best used for all long term scenes (several ours or even days) where high quality light, big area coverage and convenient handling is necessary. Roadblocks, Crime Scene Investigation, Command Posts, Search & Rescue, long term operations.

Illumination of Big Areas:

Sport and Event Areas, Parking Lots, Schools, Churches.

Recommendation for Mobile Power Generator:

  • Inverter System: min. 5 kVA
  • Standard Generator: min. 5,5 kVA
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  • Powermoon Twinlight Specifications

    • Power: 2 x 1000W = 2000W
    • Voltage: 120V / 50-60Hz
    • Current: 2 x 8A
    • Electrical Protecion Class: IP54
    • Cord Length: 23 + 10feet
    • Weight: 33lbs
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