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Lighting Systems

  • LED

    New LED lighting balloons are Eco-friendly and provide highly efficient shadow free lighting.

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  • Metal Halide Lamp

    Synergy Positioning Powerful HQI Lighting Balloons offer a robust filament free lighting for heavy construction, infrastructure & emergency services.

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  • Twinlight

    Double the power with half the weight the Powermoon Twinlight is the perfect Lighting Balloon for Road Side construction and search and rescue.

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  • Xenon

    High power Xenon lighting for safe glare free uses the innovative Lighting Balloon systems from Synergy Positioning Systems and Powermoon.

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  • Quadro

    Highly portable with four times the lighting intensity the Powermoon Quadro is a mini lighting tower now available from Synergy.

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  • Halogen (Filament)

    Halogen lighting balloons from Powermoon available from Synergy Positioning Systems. Safe glare free lighting from Synergy and Powermoon.

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