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Topcon GX-75

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The Topcon GX-75 touchscreen control box features a sunlight-readable screen and can be used with dozer, motor grader and excavator machine control systems.

Topcon Positioning Group announces the release of the latest addition to its longstanding line of touchscreen control boxes for construction machine automation — the GX-75.


  • 10-in. touchscreen.
  • Offers large and easy-to-use display for operators.
  • Bright, rugged and sunlight-readable screen allows operators in cab to see more in practically any weather condition.
  • Can be used with Sitelink3D to instantly communicate jobsite progress to the office in real time and quickly receive updated plans and job files.
  • Available for use with dozer, motor grader and excavator machine control system.
  • Comes with standard lock connector used with previous Topcon control boxes, allowing for backward compatibility.
  • Includes LED light bars to enable operators to easily see where they are in relation to grade with just a glance.
  • Features adjustable mounting backpack designed to provide versatility.
  • Additional features include integrated virus protection, and easily-accessible USB ports for saving and downloading job files.
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  • Topcon GX-75

    • Touchscreen size: 10 inch
    • Standard lock connector: Yes
    • Adjustable mounting backpack: Yes
    • Sunlight-readable screen: Yes
    • Rugged: Yes
    • Integrated virus protection: Yes
    • Easily-accessible USB ports: Yes
    • LED light bars: Yes
    • Suitable for: Dozer, motor grader & excavator machine control systems
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