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Topcon X53i Total Station Control

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Topcon X53i LPS Robotic – Modernize Your Excavating

Expand your excavating capabilities with the innovative i53 LPS system. Using our powerful PS robotic total station, your excavator seamlessly receives position information using LongLink (Bluetooth) data to accurately depict your buckets position anywhere on the jobsite. No matter if you’re working underground, in heavy tree areas, or in the middle of an open field.

The system uses tough tilt sensors, a versatile receiver box, a graphical control box, and an IMU to deliver limitless excavating opportunities.

  • Durable IP69K rated tilt sensors
  • Powerful LongLink (Bluetooth) technology
  • Integrated LED light bars and audible alarm grade guidance
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) stability – bucket positioning
  • PowerTrack TM Tracking Technology
  • Single setup GNSS and LPS configurations

3D Control Under Any Condition

Stay on grade at every critical moment. The i53 LPS is configurable for difficult jobs that have constant GNSS coverage. The system’s MC-i4 GNSS receiver is the central hub for LongLink communication while using PS robotic totals station control, and your gateway to receiving GNSS signals in a single unit. With both LPS and GNSS 3D control available on one system - you increase your workload and decide which system suits each job the best.

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  • GX-55 Control Box

    • Supply Voltage: 9 to 32 VDC
    • Ports: 2x USB, Ethernet, RS-232
    • Ports (continued...): 2x CANBus, 2x Digital inputs
    • Display: 640x480 Color VGA, enhanced
    • Display (continued...): brightness with analog touchscreen
    • Operating System: Windows® Compact 7
    • Operating Temp: -40°C to 70°C
    • Weight: 1.26 kg with backbpack
    • Weight (continued...): 1 kg without backpack

    MC-i4 Receiver

    • Supply Voltage: 9 to 32 VDC
    • GNSS: Single or Dual
    • Ports: RS232 RS232/RS485
    • Ports (continued...): 10/100 Ethernet
    • Ports (continued...): CAN J1939 CAN J1939/CANOPEN
    • Connectors: Deutsch DTM06 12 pin
    • Connectors (continued...): Deutsch DTM06 12 pin
    • Connectors (continued...): RP-TNC (cellular radio)
    • Connectors (continued...): RP TNC (LongLink, or Wi-Fi, or
    • Connectors (continued...): UHF radio (optional))
    • Connectors (continued...): 2x TNC for GNSS (optional)
    • Shock: 25 g, 11 ms, any axis
    • Weight: 1 kg
    • Dust/Water Rating: IP67

    TS-i3 Sensor

    • Supply Voltage: 10 to 30 VDC
    • Connectors: M12
    • Resolution: 0.01º
    • Accuracy: 0.1º
    • Housing: Cast aluminum, black
    • Housing (continued...): powder coated surface
    • Dust/Water Rating: IP68, IP69K
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