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Topcon SmoothRide Resurfacing

Topcon SmoothRide Resurfacing

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Better, from start to finish

Welcome to a better way to pave and mill. Our SmoothRide system makes your projects safe, easy, and more efficient. The need for traffic lane closures is gone, quick 3D scanning has replaced hours of cross-section measurements, and intuitive software now delivers better results throughout the paving and milling process.


  • Safely collect at speed without lane closures.
  • Resurfacing specific software – including on demand tonnage updates as you adjust your design.
  • Achieve rideability and satisfy regulatory guidelines.
  • Variable depth milling.
  • Uniform thickness paving.
  • Consistent smoothness for miles of paving or milling.
  • Account for differential compaction.
  • Eliminate the need for averaging skis.
  • Eliminate time consuming and costly survey work.
  • Bid and spec jobs in advance with accurate surface data.
  • Maximize man hours and materials, eliminating the need for re-work.
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  • Topcon SmoothRide Resurfacing

    • Depth Milling: Variable
    • Thickness Paving: Uniform
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