Buildera Crackmon 4020A Heavy-Duty Building Foundation Crack Monitor

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When Buildera designed the new CRACKMON® 4020A Building Foundation Crack Monitor, we sought a fresh approach that balanced the time-honored familiarity of classic crack monitors with modern digital manufacturing technology. The result: a vibrant new generation of flexible crack monitors for demanding commercial and industrial use. Just as important, we engineered and built the product from the ground up in the USA, underscoring our commitment to American ingenuity and jobs.

The heavy-duty CRACKMON® 4020A offers several innovations so unique that we're patenting not only the novel new features, but also the manufacturing process, installation method, and data collection.

Features and Benefits

  • Extreme durability—50% thicker proprietary polymer compared to classic model (4.5 mm vs 3 mm)
  • New 2D+ polar magnitude and X-Y displacement measurement grid with precision TickPoints™ improve measurement accuracy
  • Vibrant rich-black and red printing on opaque white background doubles the contrast and legibility
  • Unique serial IDs yield unprecedented engineering traceability in a crack monitor
  • Integrated GeoQR™ technology for online instructions, ordering, and geolocation tagging*
  • Flexible mounting arrangement optimized for #8(M4) or #6(M3.5) tamper-resistant fasteners and epoxy
  • Available tamper-resistant Torx Plus® stainless-steel screws and anchors made in USA
  • Optional impact-absorbing thermoplastic drilling guide aligns hole centers while hammer-drilling concrete
  • Co-branding and custom mobile-response options and sizes available—consult Buildera for program details

Detailed Description

2D+ Polar Magnitude and X-Y Measurements

In addition to familiar X-Y 2D Cartesian measurements, the redesigned measurement grid now includes a new polar-magnitude measurement function, effectively computing the angular hypotenuse (magnitude) of change from the zero-crossing. That's why we call it 2D+.

What's more, to improve reading accuracy over the entire range, the measurement grid now sports variable-length tick marks, as well as patent-pending TickPoints™ at 1 mm x 1 mm intervals. TickPoints™ improve measurement accuracy as the measurement cross-hairs traverse the grid. This is particularly helpful when the two plates are no longer parallel.

Vibrant, High-Contrast Measurement Grid

Unlike our prior generation of crack monitors that were pad or screen printed in one black color, we print the new CRACKMON® 4020A in five process colors, including a high-contrast rich-black text UV-cured over a thick double layer of brilliant opaque white ink. The result is a bright, bold measurement grid with a 2X contrast improvement that's much easier to read over a wide range of lighting conditions.

Engineering Traceability to the Crack

To improve engineering traceability, each CRACKMON® 4020A crack monitor features a unique 15-character serial number that tracks the country of origin, design revision, and unique ID. This ensures engineering traceability in the field and offers a significant benefit and professionalism in forensic analysis.

Buildera GeoQR™ Mobile Installation Instructions and Tips

To put information at your fingertips, an imprinted QR code works with your mobile phone to access installation instructions and other helpful data, wherever you may be.

Peel It. Stick It. Drill It.™

Installers know that mounting a crack monitor using fasteners can be frustrating. Marking and aligning holes in one hand while holding the crack monitor in the other is a sure-fire way to lose your cool. And when it comes to hammer-drilling hard or rough surfaces like concrete or stucco, the percussive impact from a hammer-drill makes it tough to accurately drill holes in the right place. Buildera's new impact-absorbing drilling guide (patent pending) features an aggressive adhesive that sticks to concrete, masonry, stucco, steel, wood, and other rough surfaces. Simply peel it, stick it, and drill it. You'll get perfect holes every time—saving time and money on the job.

Flexible, Tamper-Resistant Mounting Options

Improved mounting options now include both horizontal and vertical slots, optimally sized to accept four different screw types including English (#8/#6) and Metric (M4/M3.5) fasteners, respectively. Optionally available is a stainless-steel Torx-Plus® tamper-resistant mounting kit and anchors. To avoid damaging the crack monitor, Buildera also supplies corrosion-resistant stainless-steel washers to help distribute the load for a secure installation.

Available Shims for Z-axis Compensation

Not all cracks are coplanar. Buildera offers handy pre-cut Z-Shims to compensate for Z-axis shifts perpendicular to the crack at the time of installation. Using a binary range of thicknesses, virtually any Z-axis offset can be corrected in increments of 1mm or less. Consult Buildera for available shim options.

The Best Value For Your Money

Value equals benefits minus price. With all these improvements and benefits, the CRACKMON® 4020A offers more value than any crack monitor on the market today. When purchased In bulk, prices are competitive with economy crack monitors sold today, but with the benefits and premium features that only the CRACKMON™ 4020A offers. With so much more value from the CRACKMON® 4020A you'll never turn back.

Available in Bulk for Distributors and High-Volume End Users

The CRACKMON® 4020A is available singly and in nominal quantities online and from our channel partners, or in bulk (starting at 50 qty/box) for distributors, resellers, and volume end-users. Order UPC 816291010198 | EAN 0816291010198 (box of 50).

Customizable with Co-Branded Options

Buildera welcomes the opportunity to customize crack monitors with your logo and website. We can even customize the QR code to direct to your website for re-ordering. Minimum order commitment is 500 pieces. Setup charges apply. Consult Buildera for special requests and other options.

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  • Technical Specifications
  • Video
  • Mechanical

    • Dimensions: 30 mm x 152 mm x 9 mm
    • Range: 40 mm x 20 mm
    • Discrimination: ±0.5 mm, typ.
    • Mounting Holes: (4) Per side
    • Material: Proprietary polymer
    • Tensile Strength: 11,000 psi (ASTM D-638)
    • Flexural Strength: 117 MPa (17,000 psi), ASTM D-790
    • Tensile Impact Strength: 20 ft-lb/in^2
    • Rockwell Hardness: M-95 (ASTM D-758)
    • Hole Dimensions: #8/M4 Fasteners: .60" x .20"
    • Hole Dimensions (continued..): #6/M3.5 Fasterns: .20 x .16"
    • Recommended Fasteners: #8 Torx®-Plus Pan Head Security Sheet-metal Screw,
    • Recommended Fasteners (continued..): Stainless Steel (18-8 alloy) and washers


    • Specific Gravity / Relative Densityhermal: 1.19
    • Light Transmission-Total: 92%
    • Water Absorption: 0.4% by weight (ASTM D-570)


    • Thermal Expansion (ASTM D696, -30C to +30C): 54 µm/(m-°C), 30 µin/(in-°F )
    • Maximum Recommended Continuous Service Temperature: < 85°C
    • Deflection Temperature @ 264 psi (1.8 MPa): 95°C
    • Melting Temperature: 150°C
    • Self Ignition Temperature: 445°C
    • Flammability: B2
    • Flame Spread Index: 115 (ASTM E-84)
    • Smoke Density Rating: 3.4% (ASTM D-2843)
  • Product Downloads Section

  • Crack Monitor: Buildera CRACKMON® 224R Crack-Width Comparator (ACI 224R-01)



    Produced in 1080P/60 high-definition video, this "how it's made" video features the equipment and manufacturing process and typical use for the Buildera™ CRACKMON® 224R™ Crack-Width Comparator crack monitor. Watch the Vutek® large-format printer lay down multiple layers of UV-cured ink, while the Swiss ZUND® flatbed CNC router trims hundreds of crack monitors in minutes.

    The CRACKMON® 224R measures the width of structural and cosmetic cracks in concrete, masonry, steel, wood and other building materials. Used by contractors, structural, civil and geotechnical engineers, building inspectors, and property owners, this pocket-sized gauge conforms to the American Concrete Institute specification ACI 224R-01 for maximum crack widths in reinforced concrete. Designed for foundation settlement, retaining walls, soil subsidence, and seismic evaluation of residential and commercial structures, the CRACKMON® 224R features heavy-duty modified polyethylene thermoplastic for daily job-site use. Engineered and made in USA.