About Us


Synergy Positioning Systems was founded in the late 1990s by director Michael Milne, who has been involved in the Civil Engineering and Geo-Spatial Industries for more than 30 years.

From small beginnings supplying a German brand of asphalt control systems, the company expanded with the introduction of laser scanning systems for asphalt paving and moved into the Australian market in the late 1990s. In mid-2000 the opportunity arose to assume responsibility for Topcon Positioning Systems, which had been represented in New Zealand for about 30 years already.

Starting solely with machine control products, Synergy Positioning then bought out the local Topcon distributor, amalgamating the businesses. From there Synergy has grown rapidly, branching out into consultancy work on large scale projects using in-house survey knowledge and the PaveSmart guidance system for Asphalt Pavers and Milling Machines.

Synergy also consults and provides hardware and expertise for mapping and survey projects requiring the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle systems.