Topcon RL H5A Product
Topcon TP-L5 Pipe Laser
Topcon GT Robotic
Topcon Hiper HR
Topcon LZ-T5
Topcon FC-5000
Topcon X-53i
Topcon 3D MC-MAX

Survey Accessories

  • Laser Accessories

    High quality laser level accessories including tripods and staffs, targets, detectors and wall mounted bracket from Topcon & Synergy.

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  • Tripods

    Top quality wooden tripod & excellent choice as a stable platform for theodolites, heavier Total Stations & GPS equipment available now from Synergy.

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  • Tribrachs and Adapters

    Tribrach with bulls eye bubble, smooth accurate clamp & optical plummet for precise set up over ground mark available now from Synergy Positioning Systems.

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  • Levelling Staves

    Synergy Positioning Systems deals with well-known brands for leveling staves as well as range poles like Topcon, Seco, GXI and Senshin.

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  • Setout Equipment

    The Marksman products are designed for the Total Station Surveyor looking for an accurate, effective and hands-free approach to targeting.

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  • Prisms and Holders

    Synergy provides a range of precise prisms and holders. The prisms supplied here are made from top quality optical glass and created to the highest specifications.

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