Topcon X-53x Auto

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Topcon X-53x – Dig Like a Pro

The X-53x is designed to handle any job with speed and ease. Trenching, flatwork or more complex designs; you’ll dig exactly to design every time. Our bucket mode feature locks the current angle of attack and automatically adjusts vehicle the operator pulls the stick. Experienced operators can work with greater ease and beginners can look like a pro in no time.
Unlike other systems, the X-53x is intuitively designed to feel like a natural extension of the operator. Convenient fingertip button controls on the joysticks provide instant access to the automatic features. The operator decides the exact moment to engage automatic grade depth and bucket angle assistance. It’s unmatched control for maximum productivity.

Armed with Intelligence

The X-53x allows you to tackle even the most complex jobs in less time by eliminating over digging and costly rework. Unlock more productivity from seasoned operators, while getting newer operators up to speed faster. Now meeting tough deadlines is easier, putting more performance bonuses within reach. All of which means more profit.

Eliminate over-excavation while reaching your target grade with precision.

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