Topcon RL H5A Product
Topcon TP-L5 Pipe Laser
Topcon GT Robotic
Topcon Hiper HR
Topcon LZ-T5
Topcon FC-5000
Topcon X-53i
Topcon 3D MC-MAX
Topcon 3D-MC2 Machine Control


  • Field

    From field collection to simplified construction layout and grade checking, Topcon Synergy has a field application that will meet your needs.

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  • Design and Planning

    Topcon Synergy’s data processing, model building, design, and drafting products help get you from field to finish and from design to 3D construction.

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  • Mapping

    Bridge the gap with complete solutions. Geospatial professionals often use both precision methods and GIS workflows: Technology is bringing them closer.

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  • BIM Software

    With building information modelling (BIM) solutions from FARO quickly becoming an industry standard, it’s no surprise that FARO shapes the way teams work together to communicate, collaborate and solve problems.

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  • Telematics

    Topcon Synergy's Tierra™ is a joint venture company established by Topcon, with the goal of developing a telematics information management system.

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