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Key contacts at Synergy Positioning Systems

New Zealand

Louie Schutte
Louie Schutte Chief Technology Officer View Profile

A familiar face to many within Synergys diverse client base, Louie has been selling, training, installing and supporting machine control customers since 2007. During recent years he has specialised in machine control sales, which has ultimately culminated in his new role as CTO.

With the rapid evolution of machine control technology – both in terms of the technical capabilities of the software itself, as well as its growing industry adoption within New Zealand – Louie is excited about the opportunities the new role brings.

“In this new role I will continue to design and roll-out machine control systems for heavy equipment used in the construction industry,” he says.

“Topcon is a world renowned positioning company developing ground-breaking, exciting technological advances in this space.

Over the last decade Louie has helped develop and implement many positioning solutions for customers across New Zealand and Australia.

Louie’s background as a qualified surveyor means he appreciates both the challenges that busy infrastructure and civil earthworks companies face in planning and implementing cost-effective ground works, as well as the many resourcing, health and safety, cost and time benefits Topcon 3D GPS machine control technology can help deliver.

Joel Smith
Joel Smith Central Regional Manager View Profile
Jamie Nelson
Jamie Nelson Southern Regional Manager View Profile

Jamie joined the Synergy team in April 2018 bringing with him 7 years of Topcon experience. Starting out as a Machine control technician in 2011, Jamie has a nuts and bolts understanding of how machine & survey systems work and knowledge of what is required on the job site.

Having been exposed to major projects across New Zealand and Australia and recently to survey technology such as RPAS (drones), 3D scanning and general survey practises Jamie has a wealth of real world knowledge that he is able to draw on when consulting and advising.

With a customer focused approach Jamie believes in working with clients to build and develop their business’s by supplying and implementing the right survey and machine control technology to suit the application and business needs.

Bryce Swainson
Bryce Swainson Machine Control and Construction Sales View Profile

Joined Synergy in November 2012 after having worked as a camera technician in the New Zealand film industry for the past 17 years. Over that period I developed a strong knowledge of optics for lenses and cameras.

New to the industry and having completed my Topcon factory training, I bring an enthusiasm and passion and a lot of good humour to my new career.

Weekends are dominated with sports and watching my kids play league, softball, touch and netball. I am the Chairman of the East Coast Bays Barracudas Rugby League Club and my kids and I all play softball for the East Coast Bays United Softball Club. Somehwere in between of the activity I try to fit in my other passions which is music, movies, art and the beach!

Jason Stamp Equipment Sales View Profile