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Topcon 2D P32

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Advanced Screed Control for Asphalt Pavers


  • Control both sides of the screed from either GC-35 Control Box.
  • Digital LCD display provides clear 3-color grade and function icons.
  • Rugged, field proven system and component reliability for over 25 years.
  • Works with most full size asphalt pavers.

Topcon, innovator of the world’s most widely used asphalt paver screed control introduces the next generation of 2D screed control, the P-32 Paver System.

Topcon’s P-32 Paver System builds on our industry-standard Paver System 5 featuring innovations that improve smoothness, assures accurate slope and material thickness and provides unmatched operator convenience and ease-of-use. To create this next generation system we started with the control box, the screed man’s interface to P-32. The all-new GC-35 Control Box features a large (3.5”), high-contrast, backlit display clearly letting the screed man know what’s going on at a glance, on both sides of the screed if desired. The superior graphics also makes machine setup and calibration a snap. GC-35 buttons are large, sturdy and environmentally sealed. And of course, it’s completely compatible with your existing System Five sensors and Smoothtrac® sonic averaging ski.

Ruggedized cables with weather protected connectors, super-accurate 100% slope capable Slope Sensor, Topcon’s patented Sonic Tracker II’s, and an optional Laser Trackerjack laser receiver demonstrates Topcon’s commitment to it’s continued leadership in asphalt paver screed control today and tomorrow.

The GC-35 box may also be purchased separately for System Five upgrades. Contact your local Topcon Distributor to find out more.

Perfect paving is all about control — screed control. Topcon screed control systems improve smoothness, assure accurate slope and material thickness, and provide unmatched operator convenience and ease-of-use.

The system is straight forward. A high-contrast control box lets the screed man clearly know what’s going on — at a glance or on both sides of the screed if desired. Slope and elevation information are available all the time for full automatic screed control.

Pick a reference and pave — elevated string line, surface string, poured curbs, or an existing surfaces.

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  • Electrical

    • Supply Voltage: 10-30 VDC
    • Supply Current: 10.5A max.
    • Switch Output Power: 10A valve output power


    • Display Panel: 240x320 color TFT
    • Housing: Cast aluminum
    • Switches: 1 ea. sealed 32 position
    • Connectors: 3 ea MIL-C-5015 cylindrical connectors
    • Weight: 2 lbs


    • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +80°C
    • Moisture Test: 240 Hours
    • Shock Test: 50G 11 ms ½ sine wave
    • Vibration Test: 10-400 Hz sweep 5G
    • Salt Fog Test: 48 hours

    Valve Outputs

    • Current Controlled: 0.67-4.8 Amps in 15 scale
    • Pulse Width Modulated: 1-13Hz, 225-1950Hz programmable
    • Danfoss Proportional Mode: 50% available voltage as neutral
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