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Topcon System 5 - Makes every operator far more productive

Skilled machine operators are becoming scarce. Jobsite pressure is always there. The need for production is constantly rising. Topcon machine control systems bring that bit extra to ensure deadlines are being hit and earthmoving results are to the millimeter.

Whether working on flat or sloped pads, roads, or airports, it turns a starting operator into a productive operator and a good and experienced into an even better one.

  • Upgradable back and forth
  • User-friendly with bright, clear indicators
  • Ruggedized components provide super-reliablility
  • Smooth and consistent hydraulic response
  • 100% slope control sensor
  • Mix and match sonic and laser sensors
  • Control each end of the blade individually

Be more competitive

The System 5 from Topcon is a complete machine control package for dozers and motor graders; a package with an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn operator interface. It provides increased accuracy and reliability for higher productivity and less waste. It has been designed for anyone that seeks a competitive edge.

System 5 is also fully compatible with Topcon 3D machine control systems. When your site demands 3D solutions, you will be able to upgrade your existing System 5 an be ready to scale up competitiveness.

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    • Detector Angle: 360°
    • Detector Range: 250mm (6.8in)
    • Detectable Laser Wave: 633 to 785nm (Length)
    • Detective Precision: Mode1: ±3mm (0.009ft)
    • Laser Detecting Range: 800m (2625ft)


    • On-Grade Zone (LED): .08, .24, .47, 1.18 inches
    • LED Grade Indicators: Red (up arrow) , Green (–)
    • LED Grade Patterns: 5 grade, 2 lost beam
    • LCD: One side
    • LCD Grade Indicators: 11 channels
    • LCD Backlight: Yes(wo/Auto)
    • Low Battery Indicator: LED pattern & LCD symbol
    • Transmitter Low Battery Ind.: LCD symbol
    • Transmitter Level Indicator: LCD symbol


    • Dimensions(W/D/H): 158x166x357 (mm)
    • Weight (Without cells): 2.0kg (4.4lbs)
    • Mountings: Built-in magnet mount
    • Dual Sided Magnet Mount: Yes
    • Buttons: 3
    • Housing: ABS
    • Batteries: C-size dry cells 4pcs
    • Battery Life: Approx. 40 Alkaline hours


    • Operating Temperature: -20ºC to + 50ºC
    • Storage Temperature: -30 to +60 degrees C
    • Humidity: 95% 40°C 48H
    • Vibration: JIS A 8101
    • Electrical: EN55022 Class A
    • Waterproof: IP66


    • Optional Remote Grade: Yes; RD-100W, via BT
    • Wireless Communication: 20m RD-100W
    • Power Save and Laser-on: Power save in after 5 min
    • Auto Shutoff: After 30 minutes
    • Mode to turn off LED: Yes
    • Bluetooth: Yes LS-B110W
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