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Topcon Smoothtrac

Topcon Smoothtrac

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Non-Contacting Sonic Averaging System

Topcon's Smoothtrac Sonic Averaging System is a proven advantage over a traditional mechanical ski.

Advantages of Smoothtrac vs a Mechanical Ski

Superior smoothness and ride-ability

Smoothtrac uses four non-contacting Sonic Trackers which are positioned along a 25 Ft. aluminum beam.  Choose dual sided Smoothtracs, or run on one side with a Sonic Tracer or Slope Sensor to control the other side.

Smoothtrac performance? We've got proof!

Here’s a portion of a state certified longitudinal section profiligraph. Though milling recommended (shown in red), none took place.

Saves Set Up and Tear Down Time.

Smoothtrac consists of an aluminum beam, four Sonic Trackers and  cords and weighs a fraction of a  mechanical ski.  Save time whenever you have to get started, turn around , back up or remove the system.

Easier to Transition from the SAS to a Single Sonic Tracker

Just unplug the SAS cord and plug directly into a  Sonic Tracker for matching a joint or tracking off a curb, stringline etc.  The Smoothrac can quickly be folded up and left alongside the asphalt paver.

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  • Power

    • Supply Voltage: 10-30 Volts


    • Operating Temperature: -20 to 60 Celsius
    • Water Proof: MIL STD 810D Method 506


    • Standard: 1 year

    Compatible Add-on Kits

    • Sonic Tracker: Yes
    • TM-1/LS-B2: Yes
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