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Faro FocusS 350 Plus

Faro FocusS 350 Plus

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Laser scanner for fast and exact indoor and outdoor measurements in three dimensions: Simply at your fingertips.

FARO®'s latest ultra-portable Focus S 350 Plus Laser Scanner enables you to capture fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings. The intuitive touch-screen of the FocusS models has been increased in size and clarity to deliver an extraordinary user experience. A built-in 8 mega-pixel, HDR-camera captures detailed imagery easily while providing a natural colour overlay to the scan data in extreme lighting conditions. Familiar traits such as light weight, small size and a 4.5-hour battery runtime per charge makes the Focus S Laser Scanner truly mobile for fast, secure and reliable scanning.

The Focus S 350 offers extra long range of 350m, with their sealed design, are certified via the industry standard Ingress Protection (IP) Rating, and classified in Class 54 for environmental protection. The devices are built to safeguard against intrusions such as dirt, dust, fog and rain as well as other outdoor elements which typically occur in challenging scanning conditions. In addition the laser scanner offers a future-proof interface to connect additional accessories to the scanner and provide a specific on-site compensation routine.

The FARO Focus S 350 is specially designed for outdoor applications due to its small size, extra light weight and extended scanning range. The FocusS 350 provides scanning results even in challenging environments, narrow job-sites, dusty or humid areas, in rain or direct sunlight applications. An on-site compensation tool allows data quality optimisation on-site. Integrated GPS & GLONASS receiver enable easy positioning. HDR imaging and HD photo resolution ensure true-to-detail scan results with high data quality.

Remote scanning as well as almost limitless scan data sharing via SCENE Webshare Cloud make the laser scanning solution truly mobile.

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  • Faro Focus S350 Plus Specifications

    • Range: 0.6 - 350m
    • Measurement Speed: up to 976,000 points/second
    • Ranging Error: ± 1mm
    • Sealed Design: Ingress Protection (IP) Rating Class 54
    • Angular Accuracy: 19 arc sec for vertical/horizontal angles
    • Integrated Colour Camera: Up to 165 mio. pixel
    • Laser Class: Laser class 1
    • Weight: 4.2kg
    • Size: 230 x 183 x 103mm
    • Scanner Control: via Touch Screen Display and WLAN
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  • FARO Focus S Plus - New laser scanner with EXTRA SPEED



    As of beginning of the year, FARO offers a new version of its well-established laser scanner Focus. FARO had revolutionized the laser scanner market in 2011 with the launch of the Focus series and is considered the pioneer of small, lightweight and precise laser scanners. For many years, the FARO Focus was by far the most sold laser scanner in its class in the market.

    In recent years, other manufacturers, such as Leica and Trimble, have launched competitive products. In particular, Leica was the first manufacturer whose RTC360 laser scanners allows to measure up to 2 million points.

    FARO is now retaliating with the new FARO Focus S Plus scanner, which also allows scanning at a maximum speed of 2 million measurement points per second. The scanners use different measurement methods. The high measuring speeds do not only cause more speed but also physical problems in the data analysis. It goes to the limit.

    This video explains what is possible with the EXTRA SPEED of the new FARO Focus S Plus.